After creating your first Project the card of the Project created by you will appear on a desktop.

Immediately after the creation of the Project the first information collection takes a place, and after 5 minutes you will be able to get the findings. The revealed changes are recorded in the Project on a daily basis, and reports on them are sent to your mail automatically. Detailed information on the changes will be available at the Service interface too.

New Project in Sorge Service
New Project creating

The active Project has the Project card which displays the Project preview, its name, time of the past and next data collection, and the number of pages allocated from your limit for this Project.

Project card in Sorge system
The Project card on the desktop

To enter into the Project, just click on the To project link or image on the Project card.

Every Project is into modules focused on specific types of the information collected:

  • Content - all the information on the text changes on each monitored webpage is collected here.
  • Scheme - shows the changes in the website structure or in its sections which have occurred since the start of monitoring.
  • Meta tags – it is module which displays changes in the meta-tags, keywords and description.

Note. It is not necessary to use all modules. Only you can decide what information will be useful to you.

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