It is important! Always the data displayed by the Service is the result of a comparison of the information collected for different periods. You can specify independently the periods within which the data is compared. This can be done in two ways:

  • Through the links for quick access to the periods where you can choose the display of the data comparison for the last day (the Day link), for the last week (the Week link), and for the past month (the Month link). After entering into the Project the data comparison for the week is displayed.
  • Through the calendar - with click on the dates a calendar is opened and in it you have to select the start and end date for comparison.

Note. It is important to remember that the SORGE does not know what is today. The Service operates always with previous days, so the most recent data is yesterday's data. When switching between the modules the selected period of data comparison is saved.

Time management - Sorge
Time management

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