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This section enables to monitor the changes in the content of web pages.

Upon entering into the Project you automatically get to this section. The site map already familiar to you is here, and in this case it is used to mark pages changed or not changed (through the map you can shift to the page with the changes for more details). The sections structure contains only those pages that were marked as intended for monitoring.

Structure of the Content module - Sorge
The example of the structure of the Content module

When a change is detected the page is highlighted with green and a red circle will appear against it. If there are no changes the circle will be blue. The date when the change has been recorded is displayed under the page.

To see the changes you need to click on this page and go to the mode of the changes visual presentation.

Text changes on the page in Sorge
Presentation of the text changes on the page

In the visual mode you can see what has changed on the page. The changes are highlighted with color on the web page.

The red highlights the missing text, and the green – the appeared text. If you see that two colors are close in one text block, it means that the text has been replaced by another one.

Against the visual mode there is a menu with a list of pages, and you can move between them. There is an asterisk against every page, and clicking on it you can mark the pages important for you, and then filter the list with them. The asterisk is displayed in the map too. If there are changes on the page, it will be marked with information circle.

Move between pages
Menu to move between pages

Besides the mode of visual changes the System gives ability to view changes in the text format. To do this, press the tab Text Display of changes. This may be useful if, for any reason, you prefer to receive the information as rows but not on over the web page.

Changes text mode - Sorge
Text mode to present changes

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