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The Scheme section in your Project is in charge of monitoring the changes in the website’s structure or in its sections. This can be useful to find out which of the monitored pages have missed from the website, which pages have appeared, and which one have become a redirect.

This module reports the following types of changes:

  • New pages are the pages found by the Service in the sections with automatic search for new pages. New pages are marked with green.
  • Missing pages are the pages monitored previously, but stopped exist at a certain point. The missing pages are marked with red. If the missing page returns to the website, it will be designated as new and marked with green.
  • Redirect is the pages worked correct previously, but at a certain point has become a redirect, redirected users to other pages. If the System detects the redirect to a page within the website, the System will notify which the link to the past page was, and which it has become. The page will be monitored further, and if the page is not the redirect longer the page will reappear in the Project and be marked as the new. The pages containing the redirect are marked with gray.

For more information on the page history simply click on any of the highlighted pages. Information will be displayed in the information pop-up.

Information pop-up in the Scheme section - Sorge
Pop-up with the information on the page in the Scheme section

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