You can specify to the SORGE the specific page URL-addresses that you want to monitor. At that you can add these links to others in the Project or to replace them with uploadable links.

To upload your links go to Scheme Project section, and select Link upload tab.

Link upload in Sorge
Shift to the Link upload page.

There are two ways to upload links on this page:

  • Upload links through a field.
  • Upload as a file.

Either of these two ways contains a general set of rules:

1) All uploaded links have to relate only to the monitored website, ie to the same domain. You may add the links that are a sub-domain to the domain.

2) The links have to be arranged in a row, always indicating with «www.» or «http://» before the link. They have not be separated or contain extraneous words or symbols.

Examples of the links:

3) At heat you may upload no more than 1000 links. If you need to upload more links load them in lots.

4) You can not upload more links than the permissible by the page limit.

To upload links through the field (the way no.1) just specify them in a special area.

Upload links in Sorge
Upload links field.

To upload links using the file (the way no.2), click on the appropriate area or drag the file there. The file has to be in txt format. 

Upload links via file - Sorge
The area to upload links using the file.

When the links have been specified, click on the Link upload button to send them for a test which will reveal the links wrote in violation of the above rules.

Attention! Turning on the option button “Reset uploaded earlier links” you delete all current pages from the Project monitoring and only loadable links will remain in it. Do not turn it on if you just want to add links to the existing Project.

If any links failed the test, you will shift to the page with the problematic links notification. At the same time the links that have passed the test will be added to the Project. 

Incorrect link - Sorge
The area showing the incorrect link.

Low there are two buttons available. Upload the rest – when you press the button you return to the upload links page, where you can edit incorrect links or upload new one. The button Go to Scheme will push you to the Scheme section where you will see the uploaded links.

Note. If after uploading links you go to the Scheme Editing tab, you will see an icon of a plus above the uploaded links.

Icon indicating the link loaded manually
Icon indicating the link loaded manually.

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