The cost of subscription for the Service consists of two parameters - the number of pages available for monitoring, and the period for which they are purchased.

By default, each user gets the Trial Period of 14 days to monitor free of the 800 web pages (the pages basic limit). You can use the entire limit to the monitor one or some websites simultaneously.

After the 14-day Trial Period, you will be offered to pay a subscription for the Basic Limit. If you need to monitor more pages than are available in the Basic Limit, you can purchase additional pages, increasing your monitoring limit to the desired level. The number of pages to increase the limit is not restricted. At the end of the subscription period you will be asked to prolong it.

If the limit of 30 pages is good for you to monitor all websites, you can go to the Free Limit. The guidelines describing how to do this, as well as the requirements for the transition respective are on the correspond documentation page.

By default, all prices are in Russian rubles, but you can make a payment in the national currency of any country. Payments are accepted from legal and individual person.

Any payment procedures and change of the pages limit are made in the Payment section.

Read more: Payment of subscription and additional pages

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