To pay for subscription, you need to shift in the Payment section. The payment procedure consists of three steps:

1) Select the subscription period for the Basic Limit and the additional pages.

2) Select the payment method.

3) Make a payment.

At the first step you have to choose the subscription period for the Basic Limit of 800 pages. To do this, click on the corresponding unit indicating the subscription period. There are payment periods of 1 month, six months and a year.

Subscription period - Sorge system
Selection of the subscription period.

If it is needed, on the same page you can increase the Basic Limit, ie add to received 800 pages the desired number of pages. For example, it is possible to extend the limit to 3,200 pages.

The cost of an additional limit is determined on the base of package cost for increasing the limit and the number of months for which it is provided. Increasing of 200, 600 and 1,200 pages is available. Each of the packets can be increased as such times as necessary. The packages differ only in price and the number of pages included in each package. The pages are purchased till the end of your current subscription (for example, if you purchase a subscription for 6 months, so you can purchase the additional limit only for the same period). There are individual discounts for the packages with a large number of pages. To select limit expansion package, click on the corresponding block the required number of times, or the plus and minus sign under it.

Pages limit increasing - Sorge
Increase the limit of pages.

If you want to monitor more pages than it can be selected in the packages to increase the limit, and at the same time you need the additional discount, click on the button “Request individual payment” to send a message to our support team (the message will be created automatically in the Help section). Upon request of the personal calculation, and within 24 hours to your e-mail address provided during registration, a message will come from the manager to clarify the pricing details.

After choosing the period to pay for subscription and additional pages, click “Continue to payment” to proceed to the choice of the payment method.

In the second step you need to select the payment method. The payment for both individuals and legal entities is available.

How to pay for Sorge
Choosing the payment method.

Individuals are offered to make a payment through PayPal and PayOnline processing centers.

The legal entities may request a contract and an invoice.

Select the appropriate method of payment and click “Continue to Payment”.

Users chosen the individuals payment will be redirected to the payment page of the selected processing center. After paying, your subscription and the page limit will be activated automatically.

When choosing the individuals payment the request in the Help section will be created automatically, and then within 24 hours you will be contacted by the manager to send you the invoice and contract. Your subscription will be activated by the manager in the same period.

If you have any questions and problems with payment, please contact the support team.

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