If you need monitor no more than 30 pages, you can use the pages Free Limit. For this limit we offer the possibility to use the SORGE service free within this limit, but upon the condition that you will go to your account at least once a month. Otherwise, your projects will be deleted. This restriction is needed first of all because of the service is not overwhelmed with unusable data.

You can run to the pages Free Limit at any time, but it demands all your projects monitor no more than 30 pages. Therefore, before running to the Free Limit, make sure to check whether you have exceeded this number. If the number of monitored pages is more than 30, go to the section Project>Scheme Editing and block pages that you want to exclude from the monitoring, while the total number of pages used in the Project will be equal to 30 or less.

Note. You can also put the project on pause, stopping data collection. In this case all pages used by the Project will not be counted. In addition, you can remove the needles project always. To pause the Project and remove, run to the Settings section.

When the number of pages involved in the Project will be no more than 30, go to the Payment section and click on “Switch to a Free Limit”. A window will open in which you will need to confirm the running to the Free Limit.

Free limit - Sorge
Button to run for the Free Limit

If you have any questions or problems with the shift to a Free Limit, please contact the support service.

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