03.07.2017 г. - v.256

1) Fixed a problem getting into the records of information on changes in the patterns of blocked areas of the web pages (found on a number of projects).
2) Large-scale optimization.
3) Other minor bug fixes.

05.12.2016 г. - v.251

Create template rules in the text mode for previewing edits. - Makes the job easier!
To create a template in the text preview mode, simply hover your mouse over the updated box, click on it, and choose "prevent/allow tracking text in this area" in the dropdown menu; then apply this rule to this page only or to other pages as well. Every time you create a rule, the page will refresh and the rule will be applied.

Please note that:
1) You can use this mode only to create rules for updated boxes.
2) If you only prevent the tracking of removed text, it will disappear from the text mode (the rule will be applied though). This tracking mode is an alternative to the main visual mode.

Other fixes and improvements in template creation:
- New visualization for applied template rules (they have adopted new colors).
- Better positioning of pop-up windows.
- Multiple fixes for template creation (we have fixed the situations causing the XPath error).

We thank all our users who have been reporting errors.

18.11.2016 г. - v.250

The algorithm for changes search - increased accuracy.
- Now the system allows to identify changes not only in lines but in textual micro blocks as well.
- Text transfer in the framework of all the pages is not being tracked (performance quality depends on the website.

The new mechanism to display text changes - the visual representation of changes is improved.
- The changes in textual micro blocks are displayed as well.
- The changes are displayed in regards to the previous block (if possible a picture would be displayed if it's obviously the one relevant to the changed block).
- The changed text (micro block) is displayed in yellow. The deleted one - in red. The added one - in green.

User-agent is added - It allows to receive content and website layout if it's adapted to a specific search engine or device.
- The service will be provided by the search engine or the type of device of your website choice. Available search engines: Yandex and Google. Devices: iPhone and OC Linux personal computer. Upon the project creation for users with Russian interface Yandex is installed by default, and Google for English speaking users. User-agent for every project can be changed in settings.
- The probability of blocking SORGE is decreased for the website owners.

Emails - they became nicer looking.
- The new email layout.
- Added opportunity to manage the type of received notifications.
- Unsubscripton option is added.

  • The notification system is transferred to the desktop.
  • Added opportunity to turn off the notifications for emails and content changes in the following blocks: Content/ Scheme/ Meta tags.
  • If there are changes in Content/Scheme/Meta tags blocks in a given period then once you open them the filter is activated to display the list of changed pages only. If no changes occurred a general scheme displayed.
  • The button to turn of the demo project is added to the feed. Many small bugs are fixed.
  • System Optimization.
Since the upgrade is significant please notify the customer support service about all the identified system bugs.
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